Power up your manga site with these interesting tools

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  • WP Manga Chapter Coin

    Do you have premium chapters that you want to sell? Yes, this plugin is for you. Users will buy coins (using your preferred payment gateways). They will have Coin Balance, and then use that balance to buy chapters

  • WP Manga Member Upload PRO

    Allow members to submit their own manga. It's suitable when you have different translator teams or solo artists who can upload their work from front-end. When combine with other membership plugin, you can limit the right to upload easily.

  • Manga – FanFox (MangaFox) crawler

    Allow you to crawl data and import manga from Fanfox.net (formly Mangafox.net). It supports both Auto (all mangas) and Manual (single manga) mode. With Proxy settings and various options. For custom crawler request, please check: https://bit.ly/wpstylish-custom-crawler-faqs

  • Manga – Member Download

    Give users the ability to download manga and save it on their local machine, limited by user roles. It can be extended by a membership plugin to sell VIP package

  • WP Manga – Chapter Scheduler

    Schedule to publish a chapter

  • WP Manga Chapter Permissions

    Set permission required to read manga chapter. Support all custom user roles plugin. It’s simple to use. When editing a chapter, set permission required to view. Then in the chapter list of manga, you will see an icon indicating that this chapter is available to logged in users only If guests are viewing chapter, they...

  • WP Manga Chapter Protector

    Protect chapter images from stealing: make it extremely hard to download, even manually or using crawling tools

  • WP Manga Chapter Thumbnail

    Tiny but powerful add-on for your WebComic site. It would be more beautiful when users see chapter listing with thumbnails. The image would be a nice summary of chapter content, so users will be more eager to view. There are 2 layouts: Float Left & Full Width thumbnail. You can also set default thumbnail for...

  • WP Manga Custom Fields

    This plugin helps you add custom fields for Manga. By default, there are fixed number of properties for Manga. With this plugin, you can add more properties of many types so it suits your purpose. There are 3 types of properties: Text – of which the value is a string Select – you define number...

  • WP Manga FTP/SFTP Storage

    The FTP Storage add-on allows you to upload chapter images to any external servers which support FTP connect. After installed, it will create an additional settings panel in Manga > WP Manga Storage settings page These settings can be taken from your FTP server. For example, we use Bunny CDN service. It is a CDN,...