WP Manga Report Chapter

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Allow readers to report chapter with broken images or incorrect content. You can configure to allow Guests or only registered Members to report (the setting is also in WP Manga Settings page).

The report will be saved in database as Manga Report post in Pending status. Admin can review and save/edit these report. The plugin also has spam-prevent machanism which does not allow repeatly report by User ID or by IP.

Report button will appear automatically

There is a filter that allows you to change the button easily. You can add this filter in your child-theme functions.php file

add_filter(‘wp_manga_chapter_report_button’, ‘my_report_button’, 10, 3);
function my_report_button($html, $manga_id, $chapter_slug){
return ‘<li id=”chapter_report_li”><a href=”#” data-manga=”‘ . esc_attr($manga_id) . ‘” data-chapter=”‘ . esc_attr($chapter_slug) . ‘” id=”btn_flag_chapter” title=”‘ . esc_html__(‘Report this chapter’, ‘wp-manga-chapter-report’) . ‘”><i class=”fas fa-exclamation-circle”></i></a> <span>Report Broken Images</span></li>’;

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