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Allow you to crawl data and import manga from (formly It supports both Auto (all mangas) and Manual (single manga) mode. With Proxy settings and various options

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WordPress 4.8+

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Note: since 19.11.2018 – has updated its HTML structure. The new version 1.1 supports this

The one that you are long-waiting for is here: build a manga site in minutes without manual and boring work of uploading images. The tool will help you to import manga from (formly easily. Features of this plugin:

  • Work with all MangaBooth’s themes
  • Support auto-mode: scrape all mangas
  • Support manual-mode: scrape manga that  you specify
  • Proxy settings to bypass any anti-crawlers
  • Cron-jobs settings
  • Upload directly to cloud if you have any CDN settings (blogger, blogspot, amazon, imgur)

Just one click and leave it running.

Note: Plugin is used at your own risks. Although some sources allow you to re-upload after a certain period of time, we are not responsible for any copyright issues when you clone data from other sites.

Warning about uploading to cloud: if you choose to crawl and store data on a cloud storage, it is recomended to use a premium storage like Amazon S3 or a FTP storage. The reason is that there are limitations about number of requests per day and per hour when using free storage like Imgur and Google Photos. It would take time to download images from the Source, and then upload images to the cloud, so it is required to have large max_execution_time setting on your server, as well as sometimes it would break because of uploading limitation. 

Warning about the availability of We don’t think it will happen, but may be down sometimes or permanently. It is out of our control. If you have used the crawler for more than 3 months, we cannot give you refund because of that reason. If you have used from 1 –> 3 months, we can give you partially refund. If you used < 1 month, we will refund 100% if this case happens.

Warning about using Proxy: there is a possibility that you are blocked by fanfox (due to illegal access). In that case, you might want to use a Premium Proxy service to bypass the restriction. The Crawler supports using Proxy.

  1. hoang

    I don’t understand how it works, I want 1 more detailed video about it

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  • #03.07.2020 - v1.3.0.6
    • #Fix - incorrect parsing chapter images
  • #27.05.2020 - v1.3.0.5
    • #Fix - not correct chapters-list structure
  • #20.05.2020 - v1.3.0.4
    • #Fix - not correct chapters-list structure
    • #Fix - appear NO-VOLUMN volumn
    • #Fix - cannot upload to Cloud Storage when crawling single manga
  • #20.04.2020 - v1.3.0.1
    • #Update - Use of WP Cron
    • #Update - some minor bugs
  • #13.04.2020 - v1.2.3.8
    • #Update - some minor bugs
  • #26.02.2020 - v1.2.3.7
    • #Update - some minor bugs
  • #05.12.2019 - v1.2.3.6
    • #Fix - some bugs which cause the crawler to be stucked