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Schedule to publish a chapter



This add-on helps you schedule to publish a chapter. So you can upload multiple chapters at once and set published date to another day. The use is simple, when you upload a chapter, or multiple upload chapters, you set the desire published date

When you review your chapters list, you will see that a chapter is scheduled marked with a tag

This tag will disappear if the day has passed. You can also edit the Scheduled Time when you edit a chapter.

  1. moznfadil99 (verified owner)

    Good tool
    But it would be great to be compatible with WP Manga Member Upload PRO
    So it shows the option to set the time
    Because this Extensions is used by a lot of my website members

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  • #24.10.2020 - Release 1.0.1
    • #Update: Update Published Datetime of a scheduled chapter to the Datetime that it is scheduled
  • #6.6.2020 - First release 1.0.0