Madara is the first and complete solution for building a Manga site on WordPress. It is fast, robust and extensible. Data is stored on the cloud, which you can choose from Amazon S3, BlogSpot or Imgur. Of course, you can store data on your site as well. It has modern design and features such as Responsive, Lazy Loading, Infinite Pagination, SEO-optimized and RTL support.

We’ve just release Madara 1.4 with many new options and update. Please check the release logs below:

  • Version 1.4.1 – 2018.05.16
    • #Fix: bugs when Disqus plugin is not installed
    • #Fix: navigation does not work in Front-Page template
    • #Fix: search by Manga Status. Improve Search
    • #Fix: select Volume and Ajax Next Chapter bug
  • Version 1.4 – 2018.05.14
    • #Add: option to add chapter image via URL
    • #Add: support Flickr storage
    • #Add: New Chapter notification
    • #Add: support OneSignal Web Push notification when there is new chapter. Require:
    • #Add: option to use both WP Comments and Disqus Comments
    • #Add: option to mark Manga 18+ and display a content warning
    • #Add: option to turn off “Show More” in Manga summary
    • #Add: more Manga Status “On Hold” and “Canceled”
    • #Add: new Menu Location for Logged-in User
    • #Add: option to manual configure for Chapter SEO meta tags
    • #Add: option to turn off “Show More” in Chapter List
    • #Add: add various hooks to allow theme customization. Check:
    • #Add: option to hide meta tags in single Page & Post
    • #Update: improve description meta for chapter reading page
    • #Update: better UX for reading page
    • #Update: schedule to delete temp folder, to save server storage
    • #Update: search Manga by alternative name
    • #Update: support Genre & Tag condition for Manga Listing shortcode
    • #Update: language file
    • #Update: option to choose a Page for User Profile link on menu
    • #Fix: option disable Related Manga doesn’t work
    • #Fix: support UTF-8 content for text chapter
    • #Fix: chapter link is incorrect when using multi-language
    • #Fix: incorrect Chapter Volume when updating chapter
    • #Fix: incorrect chapter order in Video and Text manga
    • #Fix: FontAwesome 5-related issues
    • #Fix: support Login No Captcha reCaptcha plugin
    • #Fix: various bugs
    • #Fix: check max file size for big value (GB)

For full information about the theme, please check


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