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The first time for WordPress, you can find a manga theme with all features of the a manga site you need. Not only modern and beautiful appearance, the manga theme is absolutely useful with robust and  extensive features. With our serious investment in this spirit child, we wish our clients as satisfied as possible.

Regular license

A regular license gives you access to the installation files and dedicated support for 1 year. After 1 year:

  • You can continue to use this add-on on your site as long as you want
  • You can transfer this add-on license to another site which you owns
  • You cannot access to the new version released after your license's expired date
  • Your dedicated support is expired
WordPress Version

WP 4.8+

Last Update

2 March 2017




WordPress 4.8+

This stunning manga theme is created by Mangabooth, a well-known premium themes author and a leading WordPress developer. The company not only provides the market with the most quality products but also the best price to meet the needs of different users. At this launch, users will be absolutely surprised and satisfied with the most specific and outstanding manga theme – the first time in the theme market. This responsive and powerful manga theme has all core and extensive features for users. If you are finding a solution for building manga, do not hesitate to join us.


      Don’t need to care about any code, our sample data available helps you save time with just one click install 

    • BUY 1 GET 2

      All things good in the best price ever. Just buy 1 you get 2 included the core MANGA plugin and MADARA theme


      Looks great on all devices. Adjusted to fit with multiple screen sizes such as mobile, tablet and destop


      Don’t worry if you or your customers read right to left language, simply that we serve globally 


      Load more content without page-refresh, a must-have feature of modern websites that is expected to satisfy all manga lovers.


      Core feature makes us different is supportting text and video iframe in each chapter to create more diversionary options for users. 


      Provide sufficient information to meet manga readers’ requirement  included author, genre, tags, rank and artist


      There are various built-in widgets and shortcodes. Widgets are equipped extra options that aren’t appeared in any other themes


      Advanced plugin for searching by Category, Tag, Custom Taxonomy, Post Type, Post Date or any combination enables easily to refine any searches. 


      Manga can be stored flexibly  in many locations; not only on sites but also on different servers such as amazon S3, BlogSpot and Imgur.


      Combination of Add-on market for other themes, import tools and advanced features plugin offers you a complete solution for manga sites


      Do you want to improve rankings, drive traffic, and awareness in search engines. Of course, that is right? We have all features you need with core plugin to do this.

You probably want these add-ons

Take your benefits and convenience into account, we add more really useful features that are promising to offer you enormous value. Your manga sites will be powered up with the package combined with three extensive features below:

Allow users to upload manga from front-end and choose Manga Chapter type (image, text or video chapters) up to their taste.

Allow users to download manga and limit download permission by user roles. The Download button appears in each page.

Allow users to crawl data and import manga from other sources. Just click once to the image above and follow our detailed instruction.

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  2. Tayyab Khalid

    A very nice theme with quality functions.

  3. Spirt51

    Can you add Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage?
    It’s much cheaper than Amazon.

  4. Joao Vitor Silva Jesus

    Hello there, my sample data archive is missing on download files, can someone help me?

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  • Version 1.4 - 2018.05.14
    • #Add: option to add chapter image via URL
    • #Add: support Flickr storage
    • #Add: New Chapter notification
    • #Add: support OneSignal Web Push notification when there is new chapter. Require:
    • #Add: option to use both WP Comments and Disqus Comments
    • #Add: option to mark Manga 18+ and display a content warning
    • #Add: option to turn off "Show More" in Manga summary
    • #Add: more Manga Status "On Hold" and "Canceled"
    • #Add: new Menu Location for Logged-in User
    • #Add: option to manual configure for Chapter SEO meta tags
    • #Add: option to turn off "Show More" in Chapter List
    • #Add: add various hooks to allow theme customization. Check:
    • #Add: option to hide meta tags in single Page & Post
    • #Update: improve description meta for chapter reading page
    • #Update: better UX for reading page
    • #Update: schedule to delete temp folder, to save server storage
    • #Update: search Manga by alternative name
    • #Update: support Genre & Tag condition for Manga Listing shortcode
    • #Update: language file
    • #Update: option to choose a Page for User Profile link on menu
    • #Fix: option disable Related Manga doesn't work
    • #Fix: support UTF-8 content for text chapter
    • #Fix: chapter link is incorrect when using multi-language
    • #Fix: incorrect Chapter Volume when updating chapter
    • #Fix: incorrect chapter order in Video and Text manga
    • #Fix: FontAwesome 5-related issues
    • #Fix: support Login No Captcha reCaptcha plugin
    • #Fix: various bugs
    • #Fix: check max file size for big value (GB)
  • Version 1.3 - 2018.02.28
    • #Add: option for Sticky Chapter Navigation
    • #Add: option for turning on Dark mode for Reading page
    • #Add: allow to upload multiple Video & Text chapters in back-end
    • #Add: option for Ajax Loading Next Image in chapter
    • #Add: support Blogger Storage
    • #Add: widget Bookmark List
    • #Add: option to disable comments in Reading page
    • #Update: WooCommerce support
    • #Update: [for developer] add some filters for managing Ads
    • #Update: import meta tags for Chapter
    • #Update: link to next chapter when reaching last page in previous chapter
    • #Update: able to select Volumn in Reading page
    • #Update: show Chapter storages in Chapter List management
    • #Update: able to search for Alternative Name
    • #Update: FontAwesome 5
    • #Update: able to configure heading in Archive page
    • #Fix: chapter Content Type does not work correctly with Text tab
    • #Fix: special character in Chapter extended name
    • #Fix: Manga name in different language
    • #Fix: some minor bugs
  • Version 1.2 - 2018.02.13
    • #Add: Custom Badge feature (ex. Spoiler tag)
    • #Add: floating/side ads
    • #Add: shortcode to display all chapters for a single manga
    • #Update: option to allow comments on chapter, instead of manga
    • #Update: support Disqus comments
    • #Update: add text domain for translation in plugins
    • #Update: option to remove Select Hosting when there is only 1 option
    • #Update: support .gif feature image
    • #Update: navigate to next page when clicking on chapter image
    • #Update: redirect to login page if visitors go to User Settings page
    • #Update: upload images to different folder on Amazon storage
    • #Fix: next & prev chapter buttons in Manga Reading - List Style
    • #Fix: chapter order by Name
    • #Fix: orderby option in Front-page template
    • #Fix: login & register form layout on mobile
  • Version 1.1 - 2018.01.12
    • #Add: Support using Text & Video iframe in Chapter
    • #Add: option to change Manga slug
    • #Add: shortcode Latest/Popular Manga
    • #Update: URL Friendly for Chapter
    • #Update: Navigate using keyboard
    • #Fix: correct language file
  • Version 1.0 - First release