In, we release a feature to allow setting up a “All Manga (A-Z)” page which lists all mangas in alphabetical order, as you can see here: http://demo.mangabooth.com/all-manga-a-z/ I know some may ask what if I do not use English? The latin characters will not work for you, right.

Don’t worry. We already think about that. There is a filter that allows you to change the list of characters as you wish. You can ask this code in your child theme /functions.php file

add_filter(‘madara_manga_title_characters’, ‘my_madara_characters_list’);

function my_madara_characters_list($str){

return ‘0123456789abcdefghyjklmnopqrstuvwxyz’; // (*)


Just write all your characters in line (*). Easy, hah? With this filter, you can translate or add/remove characters if you like

Happy doing trick!


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