A popular replacement of default WP Comments System is Disqus. However, the plugin has too low rating on due to lack of support and the “not synchorization” between WP Comments and Disqus Comment. A new comer “WP Dicuz” plugin is reaching 50,000 downloads and has almost 5 stars rating ( In this post, we will guide you to use WP Discuz with Madara.

Note: since we do not officially support WP Discuz, there is a chance that some features (we don’t know) may not work as you expected. Let us know so we can update the guide accordingly

In fact, WP Discuz work out of the box with comments on Manga detail page. However, if you want to enable comments on chapters, you need extra tweaks. (because chapter is not stored as Custom Post Type in WordPress, so WP Discuz does not support it). And since WP Discuz does not have enough Hooks & Filters for us to intergrate automatically, we will need a hack to support Chapter Comment. (we will need to edit plugin core file). So let’s start.

  1. First, Download and install WP Discuz at
  2. Go to Comments > Forms and create new (or just use the default Form)
  3. Add Field and configure like this
    Check wp-manga checkbox in the “Display comment form for post types” field. Then save the form.
  4. Now you will see WP Discuz works on Manga detail page. Them come to the hack. Open this file:  and copy&replace function frontFormHtml() in plugins/wpdiscuz/forms/wpdFormAttr/Field/TextField.phpFor WP Discuz 7.0.3+, use this code (work on Madara
  5. The final trick: change “Comment Thread Displaying” > “Load With Page”.

This plugin has a lot of plugins to help you extend Comments feature ( Hope this is a great choice for you.



  1. Alex

    Everything works, you need straight hands. Problems begin when there are more than 500,000 comments on the site, the plugin starts to slow down a lot.

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