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Allow you to crawl data and import manga from It supports both Auto (all mangas) and Manual (single manga) mode. With Proxy settings and various options

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WordPress 4.8+

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The one that you are long-waiting for is here: build a manga site in minutes without manual and boring work of uploading images. The tool will help you to import manga from easily. Features of this plugin:

  • Work with all MangaBooth’s themes
  • Support auto-mode: crape all mangas
  • Support manual-mode: crape manga that¬† you specify
  • Proxy settings to bypass any anti-crawlers
  • Cronjobs settings
  • Upload directly to cloud if you have any CDN settings (blogger, blogspot, amazon, imgur)

Just one click and leave it running.


Note: Plugin is used at your own risks. Although some sources allow you to re-upload after a certain period of time, we are not responsible for any copyright issues when you clone data from other sites.

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